2012 - 3rd Quarter

Top Hat Awards

By InFocus Editor

Ann Chen received the “Top Hat Award” recognition for her exceptional work and tireless efforts on the Hyperion project core team.  Ann has played a critical role in project design and implementation, including dimension and data structure design, data management and transformation, data quality and reconciliation, business rules and overall application functionality. She is to be highly commended for her project leadership, amazing work and its excellent results.  Ann’s dogged determination and tenacious vision has been an immense benefit to our office.  Her commitment to a perfected design and implementation of the project has been extraordinary and successful.   Ann Chen joined Planning and Budget in May 2008 as Principal Budget Analyst-Systems.


Kristie Sapp received the “Top Hat Award” for her awesome efforts and exceptional work on the Hyperion project core team.  Kristie has played a critical role in application design including all aspects of end user access, security, and functionality as well as service on the technical team. Her outstanding leadership and service to this project is to be commended.  The goal of the project has been to implement a budget, planning, and management information system that will allow efficient processes and user flexibility for monitoring performance. Kristie understands the vision and goal of the project and has forged ahead with this idea in mind.  Her desire to see our goal realized has made her an extremely valuable team player to our department.  Kristie Sapp joined Planning and Budget in October 2010 as Budget System Analyst Specialist.

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