2012 - 3rd Quarter

On-Line Training

By Ericka F. Kranitz, Director of Financial Compliance Training

Are you new to the University or have you recently changed positions with different responsibilities?  The Controller’s Office has several compliance training sessions available covering various financial accounting and sponsored program activities.

Both live sessions and online modules are available.  The live sessions are in-depth discussions and can be tailored to your unit’s particular needs and questions.  The on-line modules cover the basic compliance requirements in about 15 minutes and are available on the Financial Compliance Training website and myLearn.

There are two new live sessions available related to financial accounting.  Both of these provide a good understanding of the financial activities of the University.

  • Principles of Accounting The Accounting Process and Accounting Equation – This is an introductory session defining basic accounting terms and how these relate to the University’s operations.  Several common transactions are provided as examples to understand the accounting equation.
  • The Accounting Cycle and Fiscal Year End Closing – This session expands upon the Principles of Accounting and discusses the activities and responsibilities during fiscal year end close.

Please contact Ericka F. Kranitz (kranitze@umsystem.edu), Director of Financial Compliance Training at the UM System to discuss your training needs and other topics you would like to see included.

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