2012 - 4th Quarter

Top Hat Award

By InFocus Editor

Francesca Oleski has defined the term shining star since her arrival on the job a little over 2 years ago.  During her interview for the Drivers position we could tell that she was someone special we needed to add to our great team.   These positions require a lot of interaction with customers while performing multiple duties throughout the HealthCare system.   Some of these duties include the pickup & delivery of charts, specimens, sterile instrumentation, mail, linen and supplies.  Her work ethic is contagious.  To meet her is to like her; it doesn’t take long to realize she is special.  Francesca’s caring attitude, permanent smile and commitment to our organization and team is unrivaled.   Francesca has a tremendous drive to promote and participate in fund raisers and community events, whether it’s volunteering at the “Roots & Blues” festival or participating in the department “T-shirt” fund raiser.   Francesca is involved and rallying the troops to do the same.  Her customers and co-workers truly appreciate her “off the hook” persona that they see without fail each and every day.  Our team is fortunate to have her as a teammate, coworker and friend and we are very excited to submit her to be considered for the elite “Top Hat” Award.

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