2012 - 4th Quarter

PeopleSoft Accounts

By Donna Johanning, Director Financial Information Systems

Over the past year, a review was done by the Budget and Accounting offices across the University System to analyze the list of PeopleSoft Accounts for the purpose of eliminating redundant and unnecessary accounts.  This review was done in conjunction with the Hyperion Budgeting implementation and the end result should simplify the work done by users when creating budget and actual transactions.

The PeopleSoft accounts to be used in FY 2013 are listed on the Controller’s web site at the URL http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/fa/controller/peoplesoft and have also been distributed by campus budget and accounting offices.

Accounts that are no longer on the list will begin to be inactivated October 1st.  If you have questions regarding the proper account to use for a transaction, please contact your fiscal officer or campus accounting office.

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