2012 - 4th Quarter

Office of the Controller

By Ryan Rapp, Associate Controller

The University has over 5,000 endowment accounts.  Each month Accounting Services in the Controller’s Office posts the monthly investment returns to these accounts including investment income, realized gains/losses, and unrealized gains and losses.  We receive the monthly bank statements from the endowment pool custodian each month which has the investment results for the entire endowment pool.  Fundriver, a unitized investment accounting system allows the investment results to be automatically spread across the 5,000 endowment accounts.  Fundriver has allowed the University to move from booking investment returns on a one-month lag to booking them in the current month.  We were able to reduce the amount of time it takes to post the investment accounting activity to one day as a result of implementing Fundriver.

Fundriver is also used to calculate the monthly spending account distributions.   It allocates 1/12th of the annual distribution that is determined in January of the preceding fiscal year.  If you have questions or need further clarification please contact Ryan Rapp in the Controller’s Office.

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