2013 - 1st Quarter

Top Hat Award

By InFocus Editor
Shawn Twenter

Bobbi Walker, Shawn Twenter, Jane Closterman


Shawn Twenter was nominated for the Top Hat Award by Bobbi Walker, Financial Systems Principal, for his impressive work that was critical to the successful implementation of the Order to Pay (OTP) module.  The OTP project encountered several bumps along the way but Shawn was able to work with the vendor and devise solutions to keep the project on track.  His ability to analyze and explain the technical side of the module to others on the project team was instrumental in project planning and problem solving.  His tireless work on this project is a reflection of his professionalism and dedication to the University.  The OTP module will assist the University in managing funds through the utilization of payment and discount terms realized through automated delivery of orders and receipt of invoices.

Shawn’s steady, calm demeanor is a positive influence on those who work with him.  His exceptional programming skills and insightful ability to solve problems make him a valuable asset to the Controller’s Office and the University of Missouri.  Shawn joined the Controller’s Office in June 2009 and is currently a Programmer/Analyst-Principal.

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