2013 - 2nd Quarter

Top Hat Awards

By InFocus Editor


Top Hat Award_Bob MullenRobert Mullen, Director of Institutional Research and Planning

It is with great pleasure that I nominated Bob Mullen for the Top Hat Award for his leadership and excellent work on higher education funding formulas in Missouri and in particular his recent work on the Joint Committee Funding Formula.  Bob has demonstrated great leadership in working with the Department of Higher Education staff and other higher education leaders to make sure that the proposals are thoroughly evaluated and the appropriate questions are raised for discussion.  Bob’s commitment and devotion to the University and to higher education is to be commended.  He provides great leadership to the University’s Institutional Research and Planning unit as well as among higher education leaders across the state and his national peers.

Bob has been with the University of Missouri since 1991 and became Director of Institutional Research and Planning in July 2009. …….Cuba Plain, Vice President Budget Planning and Development


Top Hat Award_Mauro LemusMauro Lemus, Database Administrator-Architect

It was my pleasure to nominate Mauro Lemus for the Top Hat Award for his extraordinary work on the Hyperion and COMPASS projects.  Mauro is the technical lead for the Hyperion project and our senior Essbase database administrator.  His experience and knowledge of Essbase and Hyperion have proved invaluable to the Hyperion functional team. His ability to facilitate discussion of different solutions to complex issues has been a real asset to the team.  His commitment to the project and other team members both during and after normal work hours is greatly appreciated and has contributed to the team’s success. He is a pleasure to work with and a critical member of our work team.

Mauro Lemus joined the University in February 2012 as a Database Administrator-Architect.  He is part of the Enterprise Date Warehouse and Reporting team in the Division of Information Technology. …………….Cuba Plain, Vice President Budget Planning and Development



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