2014 - 1st Quarter

COMPASS Guiding 2014 Budget Efforts

By Katherine Lockwood, Project Manager, IT Expert

The final piece of the Hyperion application, HCP (Human Capital Planning) is now available in production.  Staff are in various stages of training at each campus. The Campus Budget Officers discussed and determined training needs, and those who have not yet attended training will soon be invited to future sessions.

The new position budgeting functionality will provide access to data that has not previously been readily available.  This data, combined with the repository of new, powerful reports through the Cognos tool, should eliminate the need for the wide variety of secondary budgeting systems.  It should also provide a standard view and approach to budgeting for the future.

As with any initial version of software, Hyperion will not be perfect in its first year of use.  The operations team will be actively working with staff to identify necessary future improvements and prioritize ideas for business improvements that will help the University of Missouri become a standard for excellence in the budget and planning of our resources. 

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