2014 - 2nd Quarter

Records Management – Did you know?

By Willie Jones, UM Records Management Analyst

Records Management (RM) continues its core program and services to the UM System departments across the four campuses. Records Management provides outreach and training to many departments who never use or understand the importance of following UM policy in regards to managing the records and information created, used, maintained, stored and in many cases preserved for historical purposes.
On June 4 at University of Missouri Kansas City, Records Management provided a two-part training at the UMKC Police Department’s facility. Thanks to the support and sponsorship of UMKC PD, UMKC Campus Facilities Management, UMKC Human resources, RM was able to have a nice facility to meet in and two refreshment breaks.
Information was presented on RM Policy, RM Compliance & Audits, E-mail & Electronic Records, also a session workshop on departmental records retention problems & issues.
UM staff were provided with information on the importance and benefits of becoming RM Compliant as it relates to accountability to our stakeholders, legal position, and historical preservation, and retention for state and federal regulations as they were introduced to the UM Records Policies contained in the UM System Business Policy Manual: (http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/rules/bpm/).
All of the services, with the exception of storage in the UM Records Center for re-charge enters/customers are offered free to all UM Campus Departments.
Business Policy Manual:
Records & Records Management
•BPM-901 Organization & Services
•BPM-902 Records Management – General Policy
•BPM-903 Records Retention Schedules
•BPM-904 Storage of Inactive Records
•BPM-905 Disposal of University Records
•BPM-906 Confidential Records
•BPM-907 Vital Records
•BPM-908 Document Imagery
•BPM-909 Standard File System
•BPM-910 Records Audits
•BPM-911 Electronic Records Administration
URL: http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/rules/bpm/bpm900

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