2015 - 2nd Quarter

It’s All About “Records Management Compliance”

By Willie Jones, UM Records Management Analyst

As a result of reaching out to upper management on the UMSL Campus this spring, our department was able to present two training sessions on the same day for a total attendance of 73 UM staff members.

Chancellor Thomas George sent out appreciation comments to those involved in assisting Records Management in bringing this all together, from facility, distribution of session information, to providing refreshments for the groups.

Our plan is to try and duplicate these efforts on the Missouri Science and Technology Campus later this summer. Just last month, I was able to meet with Dr. Cheryl Schrader, Chancellor at S&T, to talk about our aspirations and goals for introducing the RM Policies and what it means to be compliant. I was delighted when she gave her approval and support for our program.

We have many departments that do not use, or know that there are UM Policies that govern the use, retention and dispositions of the University’s records and information in its many media formats. We feel it is basic and foundational for employees to follow the records policies outlined by the University.  These records are an asset and the corporate memory of the University.

So, it’s onward and upward as we continue to march up-hill with our message of becoming Records Management Compliant, one department at a time.

We give our thanks to UM Administrators and UM Staff for their interest, support and for the many departments that have come on-board and have received their Certificates of Compliance this year.

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