2015 - 4th Quarter

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By Brian Burnett, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Brian Burnett, Vice President for Finance and CFO

Brian Burnett, Vice President for Finance and CFO

“Visualizing” the future…..

The UM Board of Curators recently held a two-day development session on, among many topics, the economics and competitive environment in which our system and four campuses operate. The UM system staff in accounting and budget worked many hours over the summer, in addition to their other numerous responsibilities, to provide not only meaningful benchmark data to the board, but in an easy to understand “visual” format. Our staff, along with HR and IT staff, have been working with Hyperion and Tableau visualization software to provide our campuses and system leaders with fiscal management tools to look at revenue and expenditure trends, workload distribution, and a number of other data elements to plan and manage unit and campus expenditures more effectively.

UM staff used these tools to help the Board of Curators and senior UM campus and system leaders visualize where the campuses are competing in terms of research conducted, expenditures and revenues, and other data compared to peers in the US. This data helped the Curators and others understand the challenges faced by our campuses and system. You can view these materials on the Board of Curators website.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks for all who worked diligently on this important information for our governing board, our leaders, and the future of our four campuses.

Division of Internal Audit and Consulting Services announces more key hires

The move to insource internal audit functions under Ryan Rapp’s leadership continues to progress well with the appointments of Michelle Piranio as Director of Health Care Audits and Michelle Wisdom as Director of IT Audits.

Michelle Piranio joined the UM system after serving in the compliance office at MU Health since 2013. Michelle and her team will focus on MU Health and all of its related entities; this area of the UM system continues to grow and serve patients in mid-Missouri and beyond. Michelle came to MU Health from a national Internal Audit Company providing service to 28 health care systems, Michelle led teams to redesign risk assessment and internal audit methodology to incorporate a risk-based approach.

Michelle Wisdom joined the UM system internal auditing team from the UM Division of Information Technology where she served as the MU Health Information Security Office. Michelle has served the UM system and MU campus since 1985 in various roles and has an extensive background in IT security and data protection issues. Michelle is a graduate of the MU School of Journalism and the MU School of Law.

The Higher Ed, Health Care, and IT teams are finishing their hiring processes to get our new division fully staffed for the upcoming audit plan recently approved by the Board of Curators.

Welcome UM Division of Institutional Research

President Wolfe recently announced the UM system office of Institutional Research (IR), led by Bob Mullen, will report to the Office of Finance effective immediately. I have had experience working with the IR function and look forward to working with the staff in IR. I know the demands on, and the power of data, can enable an organization to make better strategic decisions and bring value and business intelligence to a university system. Welcome to Bob and his staff in IR to the Office of Finance!


The new academic year is upon us and we are off to a very good start across our four campuses and system. I encourage everyone to welcome a new student, a returning student, a transfer student, or new employee to a great academic institution serving the people of the State of Missouri. We have many challenges but with challenges come opportunities for success and charting a course for a successful future. Thanks to everyone for what they do each and every day to make the University of Missouri what it is and will be in the future.

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