University of Missouri Physical Inventory Verification

It is time to distribute the Inventory Asset Records to the campuses for validation. This year’s process has changed slightly. By the end of April, inventory lists will be sent to individuals that have been identified as the responsible person noted in the FIN Finance Structure database at either the College/School/Division or Department level, depending on the campus. The list will be sent via E-mails generated from UM PROC Asset Management. All certified equipment lists are to be returned to this same e-mail box. Clear instructions will be provided at the time the lists are distributed.

The Physical Inventory verification process will now be conducted annually instead of semi-annually. We ask that departments notify Supply Chain Surplus Services of property additions, deletions or location changes as they occur throughout the year. Changes should be recorded using the Property Inventory Change Report (UM Form 27) and sent to the UM Surplus Mailbox. Changes to be reported using this form are listed in the attached referenced policy BPM 407 Physical Inventory. Items no longer needed by a department should be disposed of in accordance with policy BPM 308 Resale, Sale, or Disposal. Supply Chain Surplus Services can be notified of items ready for surplus through the use of the on-line Surplus software or by making a request using the UM Form 27 and sending it to UM Surplus Mailbox


WebData Surplus On-Line Auction

Surplus Property has been testing the WebData Surplus Property Software On-Line Bidding functions at the January & February monthly auctions. Auction bidders will be able to preview and place Proxy bids (think eBay automatic bids) from Fridays at 5:00 p.m. until Tuesday evening prior to each auction. Bidders can also manually place bids on-line while […] Read more

Administration Information Technology Services


The Commitment, Planning, and Support Systems (COMPASS) project team is excited about the continued progress of the project and units are busy developing their fiscal year 2014 budgets using these new tools. Both Hyperion and the Data Warehouse are critical pieces of the overall COMPASS project to provide tools and resources which do not currently […] Read more


The Commitment, Planning and Support Systems (COMPASS) project is proud to report significant progress since the implementation of the first component of Hyperion Planning System, Financial, back in July. The next two components, Long Range Planning and Human Capital Planning, are scheduled to be available to employees beginning in November and January, respectively. A large […] Read more


The Commitment, Planning and Support Systems (COMPASS) project is steadily moving forward and recently reached an important milestone. During the first week of July, the first component of the Hyperion Planning System, Financial (FIN), was implemented and training on using this new system will soon begin on each of the campuses. The implementation of FIN […] Read more

F & A - News & Updates

Top Hat Award

The Top Hat Awards are given from “The Top” – Vice President Krawitz presents these awards on a quarterly basis after receiving nominations from her direct reports.  Recognizing exemplary work by F & A employees, it is given to those whose performance goes beyond the normal high expectations.  The award winner receives an actual top […] Read more

Compliance Corner

Sponsored Programs

The A-133 audit is currently underway for fiscal year 2011.  We currently have seven major programs that are being audited, including Student Financial Aid, Research and Development, and other smaller programs.  If you handle federally-funded sponsored projects you may be contacted for documentation to support expenditures charged to federal programs during fiscal year 2011. If […] Read more

“Like New” Office Furniture Contract

University of Missouri Health Care and other UM campuses have been able to utilize and save significant money on “like new” furniture under contracts with Contract Furnishings and Marathon Office.   This program takes advantage of liquidations, office consolidations and other economic business circumstances that result in opportunities for us to acquire “like new” and in […] Read more