April 14, 2017


Senate committee restores partial funding to the UM System

The Senate Appropriations Committee revealed plans to reduce the UM System’s core funding cut for FY18 from 9.02% passed by the House to 6.58%.  In a reverse plan, the committee also increases core cuts for other institutions from the 6.58% passed by the House to 9.02%.  In effect, this would place the core cuts for all institutions into a conference committee decision, with the cuts ranging from 6.58% to 9.02%. We anticipate that the Senate will push to equalize the cuts for all institutions.

The Senate committee also noted plans to provide funding for several recurring line items of the university’s budget and kept lines “open” related to the MU School of Medicine expansion to Springfield, the Missouri S&T-Missouri State engineering partnership, and a UMKC-Missouri Southern dental partnership and will be reviewed again next week to determine Senate positions. Several recurring lines were closed by the committee, including the agreement to provide $1 million in funds for the UMKC-Missouri State Pharmacy partnership, $1 million for the Missouri S&T-Clay County engineering partnership, $400,000 for the S&T Project Lead the Way project, $400,000 for the UMKC Neighborhood Initiative, $450,000 for the UMSL international collaboration line, and $275,000 for water quality research for MU’s Greenley Research Center. $550,000 in one time funds for MU’s veterinary medicine equipment purchases were also included.

The panel will start reviewing the open lines on Tuesday. It is expected the budget will be approved by the committee and sent to the Senate floor late next week or the following week. The budget must be completed by May 5.

UM System student leaders visit lawmakers

Several student leaders from the UM system campuses visited Jefferson City on Thursday to meet with lawmakers and encourage support for the UM System budget priorities and higher education. The students also met with leaders from the Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) and heard from Rep. Donna Lichtenegger (R-Jackson), who chairs the higher education committee in the House, and Rep. Kip Kendrick (D-Columbia).

UM System student leaders with lawmakers

From left: Emily Ross, legislative director for ASUM, Rep. Kip Kendrick, Jordan McFarland, assistant legislative director for ASUM, Rep. Donna Lichtenegger, Steven Chaffin, Jr., executive director for ASUM


There will be no federal update, Congress is in recess.


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