Taking the Mystery out of Meditation

Meditation is like taking a good friend to a coffee shop and getting to know her better, only without the coffee and the good friend is you.   Just sit down with yourself and bring your open, curious attention to what is going on with you.  Notice what thoughts are passing through your mind, what feelings are present, and what your body feels like.

If you spent even a teeny portion of the time you spend getting to know others in getting to know yourself, it would be extraordinarily beneficial.  Research indicates the benefits of meditation range from alleviation or decrease in a broad range of physical symptoms to a decrease in anxiety and depression.  However, a lot of people go through their entire lives without doing it. 

Getting to know yourself and living a life of presence doesn’t have to happen through meditation practice, but it is one of the best ways I’ve discovered. 

You might have been reading this blog for some time now and never taken the time to “taste mindfulness” for yourself.  So, I’m offering a challenge to help you get started.

Just sit, right where you are.  Don’t move (except to settle the body into a relaxed, yet alert posture.  Click here and practice a three minute meditation.  If you will comment below on what you noticed by September 11, I’ll put your name in a drawing for a book called “Commit to Sit: Tools for Cultivating a Meditation Practice.”

As Jon Kabat-Zinn says, when you sit down to meditate, don’t even think “I am meditating.”   “Just be awake, with no trying, no agenda, no ideas even about what it should look like or feel like or where your attention should be.”   Do this three minute meditation every day or try some of the longer meditations found on the Audio/Video link above.  Find out, firsthand, the benefits of meditation.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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32 responses to “Taking the Mystery out of Meditation

  1. Thanks Lynn. The 3 minutes is much more doable here at work. It will be a great thing to do in the morning and afternoon.

  2. I just enjoy learning new mindful tips.


    Just love learning new mindful tips.

  4. What a glorious 3 minutes of bliss. The mindfulness took me to another place, exploring my thoughts as I was aware of my breathing. When the session was over, I slowely came back to what I was previously doing with the feeling that I had taken a mini vacation from work. I will bookmark this and come back to it daily!

  5. Loved it! 3 minutes of mediation in the middle of a busy day at work and I feel like I had a mini vacation – I feel so refreshed.

  6. It’s difficult to take even 3 minutes out at work without people walking by or thinking about what else needs to be done. I’ll have to try this away from my desk and at home.

  7. Outside noise and work thoughts did intrude but I did feel more relaxed at the end.

  8. Loved it! 3 minutes of mediation in the middle of a busy day at work and I feel like I had a mini vacation – I feel so refreshed.

  9. I had forgotten how peaceful just 3 minutes can make you feel. I am going to recommit myself to this practice to help me deal with the stress of my everyday life and job.

  10. “Thanks. I needed that!”
    Definitely helpful for work!
    I think this will help me during coffeebreak times–and probably better for me…

  11. It’s refreshing when done at work.

  12. Maryam Fakhradeen

    Helped a LOT; I knew I was tense but didn’t realize I was THAT tense until I was doing the exercise. Love learning new mindfulness exercises & tips! 🙂

  13. Accepted new campus assignment, and this 3 minutes is just what the DOCTOR would order, and now I am reminded the pure joy of slowing down…just because I can and should Thank you for gentle reminder.

  14. Wonderful doable 3 minutes of renewal. Truly allowed my body and mind to feel lighter and more able to focus afterwards. Thank you!

  15. I came to work anxious with many projects crowding my mind and found focus after the 3 minutes. Thank you.

  16. I liked hearing that we should treat our thoughts as clouds floating through the sky. A good reminder that everything is transient. I had not done my 3-minute meditation in several days, I think I missed it.

  17. I am 3+ months post rotator-cuff surgery on my right shouder. When I started the meditation my shoulder had a low-level achyness (word?). By the time the 3 minute meditation had passed my entire body felt less painful. Truly worth the 3 minutes of time invested.

  18. Thank you for providing this great tool. Practicing the mindful meditation
    brought a wonderful awareness of being allowing me to let go of the
    busy chatter of my mind.

  19. Joanne Brandkamp

    I had forgotten how great I feel after a 3 minute meditation. I will be taking the time for doing 3 minute meditation throughout my day. Thanks!

  20. I think that was a great thing to do first thing on break in the morning. I just wish there was not any construction noise going on to break into the relaxation part.

  21. Being mindful can happen in the midst of chaos, including construction noise. The whole point is to allow everything to be just as it is and relax in the midst of it all.

  22. First minute noticed how busy my mind was – noise in the office was also very noticable. Second minute with the belly breathing started relaxing me and was able to tune out noise and just “BE”. Final minute was the best – feeling the whole body just sitting. Very relaxing and just what I needed for the day!

  23. You are a wonderful blogger, Lynn. Great material, thanks for sharing.

  24. Definitely felt more relaxed after just 3 minutes!

  25. My daily practice had slipped, as had my commitment to yoga. I don’t know how that happened, I certainly didn’t intend to lose track of either practice. Tonight when I stopped to meditate for 3 minutes I was flat out exhausted and bleery eyed from spending my evening staring at the lap top focused on work stuff. My body was just one tense muscle on top of the next. I have got to remember to stop during my work day and make the time for a three minute meditation. Thanks for the reminder! If I feel this good after a three minute respite — I’m motivated to re-commit to longer sessions and returning yoga to my day.

  26. Thank you, Lynn! Taking just a few minutes out of my day to check in with myself and relax into the present is such a great practice. Lately I’ve been using brief meditations to open to anxiety/stress, rather than push it away so much–and this is helping immensely with relating to work stress. Thanks again!

  27. OH YEAH….thank you for reminding me the beauty of breath…..

  28. Debbie Luchenbill

    I know I’m after the comment period, but just wanted to let you know that the three minute breathing space was just what I needed today, amidst a chaotic and tense day at my (otherwise great) new job! I feel calmer and a little less frenetic and scattered.

  29. Very Quality techniques are used here for meditation. I like these techniques even I tried these techniques and found lot of benefits. During my meditation experience, I felt myself in a totally different world.
    Really very effective techniques..

  30. “Meditation is like taking a good friend to a coffee shop and getting to know herbetter, only without the coffee and the good friend is you.” – This description of meditation really made me smile (although sometimes I do enjoy a coffee right before I meditate in the mornings). Meditation is a wonderful practice for getting to know yourself more intimately.

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