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Mindfulness-based, Intuitive Eating – Learning to Trust the Body

Trust1Your body is a magnificent instrument that is designed to move you toward a state of health on a moment by moment basis.  Just think about it works to heal your body when you injure it in some way.  At the cellular level, the body just knows what to do.  In the same way, the body knows when it needs to be fed and responds positively to food that it determines is healthy for it. It actually works to dispose of food that is not good for its functioning.  And many of us make it work overtime if we are putting food into that is toxic to the system in some way, such as eating too much sugar, fat, and salt.

If you have not been paying attention to your body’s physical signals for a long time, it might sound a little overwhelming to think about trusting your body to tell you what it really needs.  Not listening to your body can happen for a number of reasons—you’re too busy, you’ve followed the advice of diets or diet gurus to tell you what to eat and when, and you listen to the thoughts in your head more than you listen to your body.

In the class that I teach, the idea of mindfulness-based, intuitive eating can be a little scary for people.  The most common things I hear (and I hear them all of the time) are:   If I eat intuitively, I’m afraid that I will get fat. How can I eat whatever I want and not gain weight? If I don’t weigh myself regularly (something I ask people not to do), how will I know how much I weigh?

Let’s take them one at a time. Continue reading

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Eat for Life and the BASICS of Mindful Eating — Learn more for FREE!

Lynn_Rossy2-smallI’d like to invite you to join me for two learning opportunities next week. Please feel free to pass this information on to any interested parties.

First, I have been invited to do a Webinar about the Eat for Life study that will be published in the American Journal of Health Promotion with Michael O’Donnell, the Editor in Chief, on Tuesday, June 24, at 12:00 CST.  Eat for Life is the 10 week mindfulness-based intuitive eating program that I teach in-person and online. The results are quite exciting. You can sign up here for free.

Second, I’m doing a BASICS of mindful eating teleconference through the Center for Mindful Eating on Thursday, June 26, at 11:00 CST.  The BASICS of mindful eating is one of the concepts that I developed for the Eat for Life class.  Learn these guidelines (not rules) to help you become conscious about what, when, why, and how you eat. Understand how to use them as an approach to eating which pleases your taste buds and support’s your body’s health. Used on a regular basis, they could change the way you eat for life. You can sign up here for free.



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Consider the Garden

All this warm weather has got me counting down the days until the local farmers’ market moves back to their summer location (which is 1/4 mile from my home). Farmers’ markets have so many great benefits: it keeps produce local, supports the farmers, gets us shoppers eating seasonal, fresh, pesticide-free food and challenges us to creativity in the kitchen as we have the opprotunity to try different ways to cook all kinds of veggies.

It’s worth the research to see if your town (or a neighboring one) has a farmers’ market. These markets can be such a blessing to our diets as well as the local economy. This year, if you have the time and are looking for some ways to cut down on the food budget, why not start your own little vegetable garden in your front or backyard in addition to shopping locally?  Continue reading

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We are born intuitive eaters!

I’ve become aware of research recently which supported my belief that we ARE born intuitive eaters, but we go astray if we succumb to being conditioning by fast food and highly processed food.  There may be exceptions to this premise, but I doubt that many of us were born with disordered eating problems.  So what happened?

One report that I read indicates children can begin to identify brand name fast food and soda products as early as age 3. This is frightening!  Further, children who have a high brand knowledge (that means they are eating a lot of it) are the same kids who prefer salty, fatty, and sugary brands.  However, if children were fed healthy food, they developed a preference for it. Continue reading

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Walking the Path of the Mindful Eater

I’ve been teaching the Eat for Life class for about three years now and have heard many stories of how people proceed along the path of becoming mindful, intuitive eaters.  At the end of the ten week class, people will be at various places.  Many people are able to do things like give up dieting, stop binging, not weigh themselves religiously, not eat to fix emotions, and eat mainly when they are physically hungry.  Others might find themselves in the position of giving up their dieting rules but not yet finding a way to stop the overeating and binging that sometimes results.  This initially may be associated with a weight gain, as opposed to a weight loss which can be upsetting at times.  This is part of the process of coming back into balance with your food and your body.  It is not a comfortable place to be, but it is natural.  The only way through this difficult place in the path is through it. You can’t take a detour and you can’t take a different path. You will have to feel the feelings of despair and lack of control, but these will pass as you continue to take one step at a time and eventually see the overeating begin to subside. After the delight of being able to eat whatever you want passes, you begin to experience satisfaction with smaller amounts of the food and you may discover you don’t even want the foods you thought you couldn’t live without. Continue reading

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