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TV can ruin your health

grocery store horrorI don’t watch that much TV, but it was pointed out to me how awful the food ads are, particularly from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. (exactly when people tend to sit in front of the TV and eat).  The food that’s advertised tends to be similar to the food that you see in the picture associated with this blog.  This was an actual picture taken by a friend of mine of the food being purchased at a local grocery story by a couple in front of her in the checkout. I see nothing that could be called “real food.”  My friend (who is a fabulous cook) was so appalled at the sight of it that she had to take a picture on her I Phone.  She knew I’d be horrified as well. Continue reading

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Do you know what you’re eating?

I love the news I get on  The article I just read should put one more hole in the fabric of any of your reasoning for eating processed food. The article is entitled “The secret to the immortality of McDonald’s food: The chain’s burgers can resist rot for years.  Scientists explain why they have the shelf life of the undead’ by Riddhi Shah.  Click here and be prepared to save you and your children from McDonalds (and similar un-food) forever.

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“Happy Meals” might not be so happy after all.

HiResThe Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is taking on one of my favorite corporations I love to hate—McDonalds!! Yes, McDonald’s is being sued for using toys to sell their “happy meals” that turn out to be pretty unhealthy (Surprise! Surprise!).  Marketing unhealthy foods to children so that you can make money seems pretty contemptuous and predatory.  According to CSPI, tempting kids with toys is unfair and deceptive.    Children can’t really be expected not to fall prey to the marketing of popular toys with their meals or to make informed decisions about the nutritional value of their food.  Parents suffer the pestering of their children who basically want the toys Continue reading

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Eating in Peace Park

peace park 002Ever notice that when you are stressed or anxious or sad or angry you feel it in your “gut?”  The obvious answer would be “YES.”  The reason may not be so obvious or well-know.  The enteric nervous system, which is located in the stomach is a kind of “mini-brain” that contains as many neurons (nerve cells) as the spinal cord and is connected to the brain in a two-way messenger system.  The “gut” not only registers our emotions but helps shape them.  Continue reading

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Too many choices?

In Brian Wansink’s book, Mindless Eating, his lab reports that the average person makes well over 200 decisions about food every day.  Unfortunately, we are often not aware when we are making these choices and these mindless choices have consequences.   According to Wansink, if we were more aware of why we ate the way we do, we would “eat a little less, eat a little healthier, and enjoy it a lot more.”

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