Mindfulness Cuts Stress, Boosts Productivity” by Lynn Rossy, T + D Magazine, August 2013

Center for Mindful Eating
Eat Without Guilt
Eating Mindfully
Evelyn Tribole
Jean Fain
Live Mindfully
Michael Pollan
Mindful Eats
Mindfulness Yoga
NYT Well Blog
Susan Albers


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2 responses to “Resources

  1. Eat Without Guilt is my favorite! Not because I’m a voracious eater hah! But it’s because it’s all about food, not just food food but the right kind of food. That’s what I love about the site, in fact I’m a fan and it’s gonna be that way all the time.

  2. I’ve had “Art of the Inner Meal” as my companion guide with
    a simple exercise routine I developed myself.
    It did work out for me, just discipline and loads of hard work!
    Good luck to everyone!!

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