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System Solutions

New research reveals that the University of Missouri System saves $80 million per year on institutional support across the four campuses and health system. The cost per student FTE is 39% less than its peers. The system achieves additional cost savings, too, such as an average of $20 million in supply purchasing alone.

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It is the system structure itself—the very fact that we combine our talents, resources and purchasing power—that allows us to deliver a more cost-effective education to our students and more cost-effective results for the people of Missouri. University systems date back to the 1700s. Currently, 38 of the 50 states maintain at least one system of public higher education; over three quarters of the states have a system structure because they work.

Of course, all of the UM System’s important work cannot be expressed in dollar values. The system’s contributions to teaching, research, public service and economic development, across Missouri and across the world, are far greater than can be measured. Join us on Twitter or Facebook to learn more.

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