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On the Air with St. Joseph’s KFEQ

UM System President Tim Wolfe spoke with KFEQ's Barry Birr, host of the Friday Second Hour, about the reach of the university in Buchanan County.   KFEQ 680 is headquartered in St. Joseph, Missouri, a community that Wolfe says benefits greatly from the university.  "We are helping individuals, taxpayers and citizens of our great state of Missouri on economic health, well-being and countless other ways that an investment in higher education helps out communities like St. Joseph and Buchanan County," he says.

Those areas include the presence of MU Extension in the community, outreach to youth, access to online courses and increased access to health care.  It also includes the provision of Internet to area schools through MOREnet.

"We have approximately 83 percent of the schools in the state of Missouri connected to the Internet," Wolfe says. "Schools in the area that are taking advantage of MOREnet are St. Joe Public Schools, Buchanan, East Buchanan, Mid-Buchanan school systems and then we also, through our TeleHealth Network and our MOREnet services, support Heartland Health Systems, Missouri Western State University and the St. Joe Public Library."

Listen to the full interview below, or visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=No91DZdcRTs.

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