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Research leadership update

Dear colleagues,

For the past two years, Dr. Mark McIntosh has served with great distinction as vice president for research and economic development at the UM System and as vice chancellor for research, graduate studies and economic development at MU. As vice president, Dr. McIntosh has been instrumental in providing opportunities for all four universities to collaborate. The partnerships for NextGen Precision Health Initiative and Institute, the Missouri Center for Transportation Innovation and the NGA geospatial intelligence are just a few of the intercampus collaborations that he facilitated.

Recently, Dr. McIntosh approached us to discuss the need to focus on growing the research activities at MU. During this past year, MU increased its research proposals and research awards by 29% and 23% respectively. This growth must be sustained to achieve the excellence that MU deserves. So, effective September 1, Dr. McIntosh will no longer serve as the vice president at the UM System and he will continue to serve as the vice chancellor at MU.  

There are no current plans to appoint a new vice president for research at the UM System. To manage the research activities and collaboration for the UM System, an advisory group comprised of the four vice chancellors for research as well as key faculty members systemwide will advise the president.

Please join us in thanking Mark for his service to the UM System and MU, and for all that he has done to grow our research enterprise systemwide.


Mun Y. Choi
President, UM System

Alexander N. Cartwright
Chancellor, MU

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