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Executive Search Firm

Isaacson, Miller was selected to serve as the executive search firm that guided the execution of the presidential search and worked closely with the committee to ensure a successful search process. To view the search listing, visit http://www.imsearch.com/searches/details/content/S5-783.


John Isaacson

Bud Moseley

Monroe "Bud" Moseley
Vice President

About Isaacson, Miller

With approximately 180 employees, two-thirds of whom are search professionals, Isaacson, Miller has recruited for the leadership of the nation's civic infrastructure since 1982. The firm completes over 200 searches each year with clients including colleges and universities, foundations, human service agencies, research institutes, academic medical centers, economic development enterprises, arts and cultural groups, conservation and environmental organizations and social justice and other national advocacy organizations. Learn more at http://www.imsearch.com/about-us.aspx.

View recent completed searches from Isaacson, Miller: http://www.imsearch.com/Searches/Results.aspx.

Reviewed 2016-11-02.