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Carroll County Business Success Story

A young entrepreneur from Carrollton has customized his business with help from University of Missouri Extension's Small Business and Technology Development Centers.

Fresh from high school a few years back, Mike Carter went to work for the local FM radio station, KMZU 100.7 in Carrollton. The general manager of the station planned to teach Mike the ropes of the radio business ... marketing, advertising, programming, customer relations.

All those are good subjects for any newcomer to cover when entering a business. But Mike had a couple of hurdles to overcome. First, his heart was elsewhere. He preferred the roadways to the airwaves. Maintaining and customizing trucks and automobiles was what really tickled his fancy.

Secondly, Mike had an independent streak. He really wanted to start his own business and not be working for someone else — especially the general manager at KMZU, Miles Carter...Mike's father.

"When I graduated high school I was stuck with a choice. I had (either) college for the next four years or the workforce. And I worked for my dad for about two weeks — and that was about enough of that," Mike laughingly recalls.

So Mike followed his heart. He decided to start a truck accessories and body shop in Carrollton-Midwest Customs.


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