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Dallas County Entrepreneurial Success Story

Aaron Reynolds of A.M. Pyrotechnics

Childhood vision becomes entrepreneurial reality for pyrotechnics manufacturer in Buffalo, Mo.

All kids are fascinated by Fourth of July fireworks displays. About 30 years ago, a certain young farm boy in Polk County was no exception to that rule.

Since then that farm boy has proved to be an exceptional individual who knew at an early age what he wanted to be when he grew up ... and then followed through and became exactly that, in Buffalo, Mo.

"I absolutely loved fireworks as I was growing up on my folks' farm," Aaron Mayfield says. "But it wasn't just the noise and bright lights that fascinated me, it was the artistry of the whole experience. I knew early on I wanted to make this my life's work."

Growing up as an only child on the 200-acre farm near Pleasant Hope, Aaron was relentless in his fascination with pyrotechnics. His parents didn't quite understand his single-minded determination, but as the years passed they helped mold it in an entrepreneurial direction.


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