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Guardian against germs

Bernard Beall. Image courtesy of UMKC Today. 

Bacterial research and vaccines are pivotal to the health and welfare of people throughout the globe. Bernard Beall (B.S. ’82, M.S. ’85) works his dream job as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s StrepLab.

At the CDC’s StrepLab, Beall and his team study and characterize the bacterial strains that are afflicting the U.S. population with strep throat, skin and blood infections and pneumonia. The team continuously studies the three principal streptococcal pathogens from 31 million people, representing 10 percent of the population.

Over the course of his career, Beall has been recognized for his work at the CDC and for his contribution to his field. In addition to creating new and better testing for bacterial strains, he also has published more than 200 scientific publications, including 187 peer-reviewed journals.


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