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Greenley MO Ag Experiment Station

The Lee Greenley Jr. Memorial Research Center, which is operated by University of Missouri Extension, has had a long history of agriculture production that dates back to the late 1830’s.

The Greenley Center was established when Hortense Greenley donated the 700-acre farm to the University. The major objective of the center is to evaluate efficient, profitable crop production in northern Missouri while emphasizing soil conservation, water quality and energy efficiency.

Researchers study the benefits of reduced tillage, alternative cropping practices, the effects of new technology and products, variety testing, soil fertility and beef cattle backgrounding. Studies on water quality and the environmental impact of crop production are being implemented.

In addition to agriculture research, there are several sites available at the center to walk through time and for Extension and outreach programs. The house that was built around 1870 was restored by Miss Greenley between 1992 and 1997. The house contains a room dedicated to the history of the Greenley farm and the Research Center, offices for the faculty at the center, and overnight rooms for visitors or researchers. The barn on site was rebuilt by Miss Greenley in 2000 as a lasting reminder of rural America and houses a corn crib and horse stall that was preserved from the original barn. One of the major highlights is the annual field day that highlights current research at the center. The center also has a meeting facility for over 20 years that serves as a site for several outreach and education programs and planning meetings.


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