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Research Center Features Latest in Pasture Management

Measuring forage height and density

Valerie Montgomery, an agricultural science teacher in Bucklin, Mo. and CAFNR graduate, examines a forage stick, a device used for measuring forage height and density.

Located near Linneus, the Forage Systems Research Center is one of 20 around the state at which the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources conducts impactful research benefitting Missouri farmers.

This summer’s drought and heat put pressure on many Missouri livestock producers. Researchers from the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources presented strategies to deal with those pressures and shared ongoing research on pasture management and improvement at the Forage Systems Research Center’s Field Day on Sept. 29.

Nevin Nolt came to the Field Day for the first time. He uses rotational grazing with his cattle near Wheeling, Mo. and wanted to learn about the research at the Center.  Nolt asked Justin Sexten, MU beef nutrition specialist, about feeding clover to his herd and managing the risk of bloat. Sexten suggested he introduce it slowly, and around noon when there is no longer dew on the ground and when cattle are full, so they’re less likely to fill up on the clover.


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