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McDonald County Extension Expert Discusses Using Wood as Fuel

Wood as Fuel

A Pineville-based University of Missouri Extension expert has advice for those hoping to trim heating costs.

Higher costs in heating fuel prices and electricity has many homeowners dusting off old wood stoves and researching the latest wood stove technology.

"If you are thinking about using wood for heat you'll also want to spend some time contemplating where you are going to get your firewood," said John Hobbs, an agriculture and rural development specialist at University of Missouri Extension. "Wood is a plentiful and accessible fuel for many Missourians and for those who think "green," it is a renewable resource as compared to coal or oil."

As a rule of thumb, a cord of air-dry hardwood fuel yields about the same usable heat as 250 gallons of propane (LP), a ton of hard coal, or about 6500 kilowatt hours of electricity.

For more information, obtain a copy of MU Guide G5450 "Wood Fuel for Heating" at your nearest county extension center on online at extension.missouri.edu.


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