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About Strategic Planning

In April 2012, work began at the system and campus levels to develop clear and compelling draft strategy statements that would guide the university’s operations over the next five years that: clearly articulate the objective, scope and advantage; have related metrics; drive the system/campus strategic goals and action plans; and are supported by a viable financial plan.

Work continued over the following months, and a systemwide workshop was held in October 2012 to establish shared situational awareness, identify the key themes and levers that support each strategy, and to empower campus leaders with principles of innovation.  Each campus and system administration identified faculty and staff to participate on a team to provid leadership as each continued to refined its strategy statement and develop themes and levers as part of the strategic plan.

In November 2012, a strategic planning overview was shared that included a timeline, information on the development of strategy statements, and next steps to finalizing the plans.  Both campus and system administration provided an update to the board of curators in December 2012 and April 2013. Draft strategic plans were reported to the board of curators in June 2013.

Campus and system administration plans were submitted in June 2013 and included a high-level description of projects and their associated metrics, owners, deadlines and related financial plans.  On August 30, 2013, a milestone in the strategic planning process was reached as the university announced the distribution of more than $22 million in funding allocations to facilitate campus and system strategic priorities. In addition to the new state funding targeted for implementing the strategic plans, campus and system administration budgeted an additional $48.5 million for investment in implementing the plan in the first year. The funding identified for this purpose included $25 million from budget reallocation.

Since the iniitial funding allocation in 2013, work continues at both the campus and system levels where strategic plans are evaluated on an annual basis to further refine prioritized levers and actions. Each year, by March 1, proposals for funding are submitted to the president to evaluate the quality, attractiveness and feasibility of the proposals. Annual funding decisions are made by the president no later than March 31. Visit our news and updates section to view annual strategic plan highlights presented by campus chancellors as well as milestones in the five-year strategic planning process.

Funding targeted for implementation of the strategic plans is allocated based on the set of four criteria developed jointly by the system and campuses: (1) measurable and significant impact on strategy or return on investment; (2) campus priority as evidenced by an investment match; (3) impact on student learning and success; (4) cross campus initiative and/or replicable and scalable. The plans are designed to be reviewed annually in order to add, delete or otherwise modify the actions and the projected funding needs that support the achievement of the strategy on a go forward basis.

Reviewed 2015-11-13.