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Criteria for Strategic Financial Investment

Funding targeted for implementation of the strategic plans is allocated based on the set of four criteria developed jointly by the system and campuses:

  1. Measurable and significant impact on strategy (return on investment): the extent to which the proposed action plan is tied to and directly impacts the campus strategy and the measurable outcomes.  For cross campus assessments of impact, inputs and outputs will be normalized.
  2. Campus priority as evidenced by an investment match: evidence is provided that the campus is sharing the cost of the initiative and has made the hard choices about what it will no longer do in order to free resources for strategic investment.  In assessing the adequacy of the match, individual campus size and capacity will be considered.
  3. Impact on student learning and success: the extent to which the proposed action plan is tied to and directly impacts measurable student learning and success outcomes.
  4. Cross campus initiative and/or replicable and scalable: the extent to which the action plan and associated request for funding involves more than one campus and leverages the system and/or the set of actions being tested and implemented on one campus could be replicated on another campus or scaled to include more than one campus. 


Requests for funding will be at the Lever/Category of Action level and may include a set of activities which individually address one or more of the above criteria to some degree and collectively address all of the criteria to some degree.

Process for Applying the Criteria

Proposals for funding will include documentation for how each initiative responds to each of the criteria along with a budget for each request.  Requests for funding should be at the Lever/Category of Action level.

Pursuant to the submission of the campus recommendations for funding, each chancellor will review all applications for funding and then the chancellors together will make recommendations to the president on the proposals across the system.

The president, in consultation with the executive vice president for academic affairs and the vice president for finance, members of the board of curators and others he may choose, will use both the feedback from the chancellors as well as the source applications to evaluate the quality, attractiveness and feasibility of the proposals and to make the final funding recommendations to the board.

Proposals for strategic funds are to be submitted to the president, executive vice president and vice president for finance by March 1.  The president will make the decision on strategic funding by March 31. 

Reviewed 2015-08-16.