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EAP surveys

Employees may participate in surveys on the following topics, which are administered by the University of Missouri-Columbia but available to employees throughout the UM System:

Veterinary Medicine – Anesthesia Section

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The survey active dates are 7/12/19 through 7/23/19.

Veterinary Medicine – Small Animal Section

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The survey active dates are 6/20/19 through 6/28/19.

EAP Quality of Work Life Assessment

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Stress Analysis Questionnaire

Please take a few moments to complete this survey about the type and frequency of stressors that affect your ability to function. Responses are confidential and are only used for the purpose of planning and implementation of EAP activities.  Completion of this survey is voluntary.

The following surveys are currently active:

EAP Effectiveness Surveys

Problem Solving and Stress Survey (PSASS)

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EAP and the Department of Educational, School & Counseling Psychology (ESCP) is conducting an IRB-approved research project designed to provide insight into methods of improving problem-solving and stress management among faculty, staff, and retirees. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

Research participants have a 1 in 25 change of winning a $25.00 gift card; 20 cards are available for distribution. There is also a 1 in 500 chance of winning an iPad; Retina Display-16GB, Wi-F valued at $500.00. Upon completion of the survey, participants will receive instructions on how to opt-in to a random drawing to win one or both of the aforementioned prizes.

  • Puncky P. Heppner, PhD, Curators’ Distinguished Professor – Principle Investigator
  • Richard W. Thoreson, PhD, Professor Emeritus & Licensed Psychologist
  • Lu Tian, MEd, Psychology Intern, University of Maryland
  • James Hunter, MSIOP, MSW, LCSW, EAP Director

Reviewed 2020-04-23


Notice of Nondiscrimination

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