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Do I have to prove the necessity of medical leave?

In the case of general FMLA leave, the university requires the health care provider to certify the necessity. In the case of covered service member FMLA leave, the university requires medical certification from the military to certify that the service member is recovering from a serious illness or injury sustained in the line of duty on active duty and is actively receiving medical treatment. Medical leave will be limited to the duration of the serious health condition, as defined by FMLA.

The university may, with a HIPAA compliant authorization, contact your health care provider* to clarify information provided, but not to seek additional information beyond the inquiries permitted on the form. However, your direct supervisor may not contact the health care provider. If the university has reason to doubt the validity of a physician's certification, the university may require you to obtain a second medical opinion at the university’s expense.

* FMLA defines "health care provider" as a doctor of medicine or osteopathy who is authorized to practice medicine or surgery by the state in which the doctor practices; or any other person determined by the Secretary of Labor to be capable of providing health care services.

Reviewed 2015-12-18