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I can’t read the CAPTCHA security image to create my Wellness Portal account. What do I do?

If you are setting up your Wellness Portal account for the first time or resetting your password, you will come to a CAPTCHA image on the account set up page. A CAPTCHA image is a picture test that confirms an actual person is setting up the account, which can sometimes be difficult to read. However, it is essential to complete this section by typing in both numbers and/or words in order to continue with the program. If you find that you cannot read and re-type the CAPTCHA image in the space provided, here are some other ways to try:

  • Try new words: Just below the numbers and/or words, there is a link that says “Can’t read it? Try new words”, and if you click on it, you’ll get two new numbers/words to enter into the space. If you can read the new images, enter them and continue. If not, you can click “Can’t read it? Try new words” again until you have words that you can read.
  • Try listening: There is another link below the CAPTCHA image that says “Try listening” with a speaker next to it. By clicking on this icon, you will get an audio clip of the word to be typed. Once you have heard it, you can type in the numbers/words as you heard them. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your speakers are turned on and are loud enough to hear the words. If you do not understand the words being read aloud, you can click on “Can’t read it? Try new words” or “Try listening” again, which will provide new numbers/words to type instead.