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When can sick leave be used?

Sick leave can be used in the event of:

  • Inability to work (for any hours scheduled during the first 40 hours of the workweek) due to an illness or injury.
  • Disability due to pregnancy.
  • Medical and dental appointments that cannot be scheduled during non-working hours.
  • Inability to work due to an illness in an employee's immediate family* (up to 12 days annually).
  • Inability to work because of an illness or injury compensable under Workers' Compensation.

*Immediate family includes parents, spouses, children, stepchildren, foster children, and siblings (no matter where they might live). Other related persons or Sponsored Adult Dependents living in the employee's immediate household also fall under this policy. This time may also be used for placing an adoptive child in the employee’s home or care of that child immediately after placement.

Reviewed 2015-12-21