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Who is eligible to receive paid time off to vote?

Any employee who is eligible to vote in an election (local, state, or national) held within the state of Missouri can receive paid time off to vote. However, if your working hours are such that you are not on duty for three successive hours between the opening and closing of the polls, you are not eligible for any paid time off for the purpose of voting.

If you commute from another state, you will receive the same considerations as a Missouri voter for national elections and the proceeding primaries, but you will not be granted time to vote in local or state elections. If you commute, you should arrange to cast an absentee ballot if you are unable to reach and return from your voting place within the three successive hours granted.

You must request your absence prior to Election Day. It is within a supervisor's right to specify the time an employee may be absent to vote. 

Reviewed 2015-12-17