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Wellness Ambassador: Info

What is a Wellness Ambassador?

Wellness Ambassadors help to promote a culture of health among faculty and staff. Anyone can be a Wellness Ambassador. We encourage colleagues in the same office to become fellow Ambassadors to help share the news and coordinate events. By joining the team, you can help others be more active, relieve stress, eat healthier and much more. You will be a key communicator, directing faculty and staff to Healthy for Life (HFL) programs, activities and resources throughout the University of Missouri (UM) System.

What do Wellness Ambassadors do?

Serving as a Wellness Ambassador is a voluntary role to advocate and guide faculty and staff to create a culture of health. While we recognize that not everyone has the same amount of time or skills, any and all efforts are vital to advancing the university's HFL program. Go to our Inspiration page to read examples of Ambassador activities.

What are the benefits of being a Wellness Ambassador?

  • Advocate for and support a healthy work environment and lifestyle, as championed in a culture of health
  • Participate in Healthy for Life programs and share information with others
  • Be a volunteer and attend networking events
  • Attend Wellness Ambassador events
  • Enjoy ongoing support from the Healthy for Life team

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Wellness Ambassadors. We are excited you are considering joining our team!

Reviewed October 30, 2017.