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Wellness Ambassadors: Get started

Thank you! You have joined the team of Wellness Ambassadors! Now what? Here is a list of items to help get you started as a new Wellness Ambassador:

Promote good health. Share the news.

  • Create a distribution list in MS Outlook to share information with your co-workers as needed.
  • Identify appropriate common areas where Healthy for Life flyers and other communications can be shared.
    • Share the Wellness Ambassador flyer and encourage those interested in promoting wellness to join our team. Having more than one Ambassador in a department to collaborate with is encouraged.

Walk the walk. Lead by example.

Show others the path. Guide the way.

  • Confirm support from departmental leadership.
  • Set goals that you want to accomplish as a Wellness Ambassador.
  • Find ideas on the Inspiration page. A wellness initiative can be as simple or complex as you like!
  • Add wellness to your next meeting agenda. You can tell everyone about us or we can present to your group. Contact Healthy for Life to make arrangements.


Reviewed October 27, 2017.