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Step Program

Changes to Million Step Pedometer Program (MSPP)

  • MSPP is shifting focus to emphasize ongoing daily goals that can build lifetime habits. As such, the Million Step Pedometer Program will now be referred to as the Step Program. Eligible employees may still earn points toward the Wellness Incentive for every 5,000 steps they take and submit in the Cerner Wellness Portal. Learn more below.


The Step Program is a simple walking program designed to get faculty, staff and their families up and moving. Go at your own pace and set your own daily goals—no time limit applies. You are a success if you take more steps today than you did yesterday.

Track steps

You may track steps using a pedometer or activity tracker of your choosing. Using a Fitbit or similar device with an online component, you will need to upload your total steps in order to claim Wellness Incentive points. Fitbit calls these “Lifetime Steps.”

Wellness Incentive points and step submission

Eligible employees can earn Wellness Incentive points toward the annual Wellness Incentive for every step they take. Every 5,000 steps will earn participants one point toward Tier 2 of the Wellness Incentive. 10,000 steps equals two points daily. Participants can earn up to two points a day with an overall maximum of 200 points.

Ready to submit your steps? Just:

  • Log on to the Cerner Wellness Portal via the link on the Wellness Incentive webpage;
  • Hover over the Incentives tab and select “Incentive Summary;
  • Under the Physical Activity heading, click the steps logged link;
  • Enter the date you took your steps, as well as the number of steps you took. If you hit a daily goal (5,000 steps or 10,000 steps), your Wellness Incentive points will automatically update.

Fitbit resources and troubleshooting

If you are having any issues with a Fitbit device, please visit the Fitbit Help page to identify and fix the problem. Also available through this link are Frequently Asked Questions and an owner’s manual.

All Fitbit purchases come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. If you are having problems with your Fitbit or have lost your Fitbit please contact Fitbit directly using the link below or by calling 1-877-623-4997 and pressing ‘0’. The Fitbit team can help with additional troubleshooting or replacing the device as appropriate. Make sure to tell Fitbit that your device is part of a corporate purchase for the University of Missouri System. You will need to provide them with your university email address and the date you purchased the device.

Reviewed February 15, 2018.