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Mindful Parenting

We are not currently offering a course. To ask when the next Mindful Parenting course will be available, contact wellness@umsystem.edu.

What is Mindful Parenting?

Being a mindful parent means living with greater awareness of our moment-to-moment experience while cultivating a nonjudgmental acceptance of ourselves and our children. Learn to develop your own self-awareness, build connection with your children, and cultivate their capacity for self-reflection.​ Modeled ​after ​the ​Mindfulness-Based ​Stress ​Reduction ​program, ​this ​Mindful ​Parenting ​course ​teaches ​practices ​that ​have ​been ​empirically ​shown ​to ​reduce ​stress ​and ​anxiety, ​improve ​well ​being, and ​increase ​relationship ​satisfaction, ​adaptability, ​empathy, ​and ​compassion. ​In ​addition ​to ​being ​introduced ​to ​the ​practices ​and ​key ​principles ​of ​mindfulness, you ​will focus on key techniques to have more mindful, meaningful interactions with your children.

This ​eight-week ​class ​meets ​weekly ​for ​two ​hours ​and ​includes ​short ​talks, ​group ​discussions, ​and ​formal ​mindfulness ​practices. With a commitment to be involved both ​within ​and ​outside ​of ​the classroom, ​you ​will ​learn ​life ​skills that ​can ​enhance ​all ​aspects ​of ​daily ​life ​and ​increase ​connection ​with ​your ​children. ​ ​

View the course curriculum for details (PDF, 195KB).

The courses described on this webpage are eligible for points under the 2017 Wellness Incentive. Can I earn Wellness Incentive points?

Eligible employees can earn 100 points toward Tier 2 of the incentive program.

Reviewed February 15, 2018.