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Healthy for Life success stories

Share your success story!

We've heard some great stories from you. See below to read just a few. Keep them coming by sharing your own success story via our online form.

“Three days a week twice a day I climb two flights of steps instead of using the elevator. As a result, I am beginning to feel less winded when I walk on a flat surface. It is a very small achievement, but it gets me out of my seat, away from the computer and burns a few calories. This is success in small bites.” ~ Anonymous

“About 1 year ago, I accepted job that turned out to be mostly sedentary. Health and Wellness week at UMSL helped me to realize there is need for change. I purchased the Fitbit, which really helped me get back on the track for getting stronger and happier.” ~ Anonymous

“It’s been a year since I had my baby, and I decided I was going to start running again. I connected with my coworkers through Fitbit, and the friendly competition helped push me farther. During UMKC's FitBit challenge, I competed in my first 10k race ever, and I took first place in my age group! I've lost ten pounds in the past two months, and I am just five more away from my pre-pregnancy weight.” ~ Celeste Tilley

"I started slowly, working my way up to at least 10,000 steps. I added weight lifting and cardio and I'm much more active. Now, after a little more than a year, I've walked almost 5.5 million steps and I'm down more than 40 pounds. It all started with a Fitbit and a few steps!"~ Tammy McNiel

I play table tennis three times a week with 2-3 hours each time. This has helped my heart, losing weight, getting more energy and more productive in my work and personal life. I love it. ~Zhanyuan Zhang  

I have been a smoker on and off (mostly on) since I was 10 years old. I have just now past my 30 day mark of not smoking. I will not tell you it is easy, because it is not but with the help of my family, co-workers and friends I will not pick up another one. ~Cynthia Irsik

In the fall of 2010 I became a diabetic and decided to make a life change and lose weight. I have lost 175 lbs.! I have a goal to lose 65 more pounds. ~Anonymous

I turned 50. Yikes! Middle age, middle spreading & corresponding uptick in blood pressure. With the wellness incentive to spur me on I'm cycling again as I did in my youth. When I ride I feel wide awake, alert & ready for the work day with a lot more energy. Try it. You might like it. ~Martin Wills  

"When we moved from the first floor of Lewis to the eighth floor of Clark last year, I committed to take the stairs at least once a day (usually the morning when I come in).  I now take the stairs as often as I can.” ~Jacqueline

We started a "healthy snack" basket in our office to keep us out of vending machines. We take turns bringing in healthy snacks (nuts, granola bars, fruit) to contribute to the basket."
~ Anonymous

 “I have been encouraging my colleagues to bring in healthy foods to share at work such as fresh veggies, fresh fruits, and meat and cheese wraps without bread to avoid excessive carbohydrates, and drinking water instead of soda and tea.” ~Wayland Taylor

“The information from Healthy for Life is EXACTLY what I was hoping to find, and I cannot wait to engage in healthy activities! I am thankful the university offers so many options and areas of information on health because without our health, we would not be here.” ~Anonymous

 “My husband and I recently joined the Million Step Pedometer Program and the competition is on! Once I received my Fitbit, I discovered I was not taking as many steps as I thought. I would find myself marching in front of the television at night to achieve my 10,000 daily steps. It became a truly appreciate my work place taking such an active interest in, and promoting, my personal health. This program has been fun and rewarding.”
~Gina Silvey

“Six years smoke free! That's my success story in a nutshell. On August 10th, 2008 I smoked my last cigarette, threw the rest of those Camel non-filters away and have never looked back.” ~Bob Riggs

“I went to the doctor today. I am off my blood pressure medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~Jennifer Loyd

Reviewed July 31, 2015.