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2013 Awards Engineering


Last nameFirst nameCampusDepartmentProject title
Ashle Zaeem Mohsen Missouri S&T Mat. Sci. & Engr Phase Field Simulation - Solidification of HE Alloys
Bate Bate Missouri S&T Civil, Arch & Envir Engr Organic-Medidated High Volume Reuse of Fly Ash in Geote
Chowdhury Masud
UM-Kansas City
Computer Sci Engr
Technology and Desing Hierarchy Independent Modeling
Donnell Kristen
Missouri S&T Electrical & Computer Engr
Doppler System for Monitoring Sand Production
Gu Li-Qun
UM-Columbia Biological Engineering
A Nanosensor for Counting MicroRNA Cancer Biomarkers
Kinzel  Edward
Missouri S&T Mech & Aerosp. Engr Nanomanufacturing of Selective Thermal Emitters
Lee Yugyung
UM-Kansas City Computer Science
Active Mobile Interfaces for Promoting Active Lifestyle
Lin Mengshi UM-Columbia Food Science Nanobiosensor for Detection of Toxins in Food
Ma Lixin
UM-Columbia Radiology Fast 3D Cardiac MRI Using Compressed Sensing
Madria Sanjay Missouri S&T  Computer Science Information Fusion Approach for Securing a Wireless Internet
Park Joontaek Missouri S&T Chemical & Biol. Engr. Gold Nanopartical Shape Separation


Reviewed 2013-08-06.