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2013 Awards Social Sciences



Last nameFirst nameCampusDepartmentProject title
Anderson Kim UM-Columbia   Social Work Digital Storytelling with Children Exposed to DV
Edward UM-Columbia Sociology Iterative Writing With Computerized Feedback
Dietrich Simone
UM-Columbia Political Science Welcomed or Resented?
Folk William
UM-Columbia Biochemistry Sutherlandia Neurocognitive and Behavioral Consequences
UM-Kansas City  History With Money and Marriage: Dutch Merchant Networks in SA
Gerkovich Mary
UM-Kansas City Medical Informatics Factors Related to Engagement in Medical Care
Hardie Jessica UM-Kansas City Sociology/Crim. Justice The Development of Young Women's Future Plans
Lyman R. 
UM-Columbia Anthropology Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Wenaha-Tucannon
Minta Michael
UM-Columbia Political Science Interest Groups and Representing Minority Interests
O'Doherty Michael
UM-Columbia Finance Evaluating Hedge Funds with Pooled Benchmarks
Otten Samuel
UM-Columbia Learning Teaching & Curri  Infusing Instruction with the Mathematical Practices
Reuben Richard
UM-Columbia Law Developing and Testing a Mindfulness-Based Intervention
Schatz Enid
UM-Columbia Health Sciences Gender, Agin, & Carework in Uganda
Shen Huei-Wern
UM-St. Louis Social Work Benevolence and Older People's Involvement in Volunteer
Wang Kenneth
UM-Columbia Educ, School & Couns Psyc  Perfectionism Intervention for Mental Health Risks
Welcome Suzanne
UM-St. Louis Psychology Rading Processes in Adults with Compensated Dyslexia
Wilhelm Stanis Sonja
UM-Columbia Parks Recreation & Touris The Impact of Environmental Changes on Active Living


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