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2014 Awards Life Sciences

Last Name First Name Campus Department Project Title
Chandrasekhar Anand UM-Columbia Biological Sciences Mechanisms regulating neuronal migration
Finke Deborah UM-Columbia Plant Sciences Non-Consumptive Effects of Natural Enemies
Hasser Eileen UM-Columbia Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular Deconditoning: the role of Astrocytes
Laity John UM-Kansas City Biology New Paradigms for Mammalian Zinc Homeostasis
Lorson Christian UM-Columbia Life Science Center Gene replacement for SMA with Respiratory Distress
Saul Honigberg UM-Kansas City Biology Commonplace mutations: unconventional effects
Schulz David UM-Columbia Biological Sciences Homeostatic regulaton of neural network function
Smith Charles UM-Columbia Radiology Novel Heteroligands for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
Tsika Richard UM-Columbia Biochemistry Increased Satelite cell number and muscle regeneration
Sowa Grzegorz   Med Pharmacology/Physiology Endothelial expression of Cav-2 in Cav-2 null mice
Mitchum Melissa   Plant Sciences Nematode CLE effector protein trafficking and signaling
Schmidt Francis   Biochemistry Network Properties of an RNA World
Johnson Mark   Oral Biology Osteocyte Wnt Signaling and Bone Sexual Dimorphism
Burke Donald   Molec Microbio & Immunology HIV Resistance to anti-HIV RT RNA Aptamers
Menees Thomas   Biology - General RNA lariat debranching enzyme as a novel drug target
Pires Joseph   Biological Science The evolution of grass photosynthesis
Vieira-Potter Victoria   Nutritional Sciences Fat depot-specific effects of PA in obese juvenile rats
Dobens Leonard   Biology - General REVISION II: Role of Tribbles in Insulin Signaling
Sayers Stephen   SHP/Physical Therapy Patient-Specific Rehabilitation in Knee Osteoarthritis
King Gavin   Physics Precision measurement of protein-lipid interactions
Chen Shi-Jie   Physics Modeling Cotranscriptional RNA Folding Kinetics

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