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2014 Awards Social Sciences

Last Name First Name Campus Department Project Title
Aguilar Francisco UM-Columbia Forestry Evaluation of Payment for Forest Conservatoin
Bettencourt Ann UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Intergroup contact, mindfulness, and generalized attitudes
Fikru Mahelet Missouri S&T Economics & Finance Mergers & Acquisitions among Polluting Firms in the USA
Fish Anne UM-St. Louis Nursing Transitioning Teens with Diabetes to Adult Health Care
Lim Seung Lark UM-Kansas City Psychology Mechanizm of Approach-Avoidance Decisions in Anxiety
Mazurek Micah UM-Columbia SHP/Health Psych Measurement of Social Reward Processing in ASD
Potochnick Stephanie UM-Columbia Truman School Pub Affrs Safety Net Programs and Immigrant Food Insecurity
Arce Moises   Political Science Subnational Protest in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Bennett Kymberley   Psychology Increasing participation in cardiac rehabilitation
Carbone-Lopez Kristin   Criminology & Criminal Justice Domestic violence courts and repeat victimization
Christ Shawn   Psychological Sciences Visual Filtering Ability & Gender in Autism
Crawford Emily   Ed Leadership & Pol Analysis School Leadership in Undocumented Immigrant Communities
Harper Casandra   Ed Leadership & Pol Analysis Parent Perspectives on the Transition to College
Harstad Ronald   Economics Experimental Risk Markets: Basic vs. Derivatives
Koedel Cory   Economics Accounting for Continuous Student Disadvantage in VAMs
Noel Jeffrey   Mo. Inst. of Mental Health (In)congruent goals and alcohol approach motivation
Rodriquez Jason   Sociology Doing Medical Teamwork in the Intensive Care Unit
Smirnova Michelle   Sociology/Criminal Justice & C Stalin' the Revolution: Russian Cultural Consciousness
Thomas Cathy   Special Education Secondary Science Tiered Technology-Enhanced Methods (S
Udani Adriano   Political Science Attitudes toward Immigrants and Voter Fraud Perceptions
Vonnahme Greg   Political Sciences Development of State Statutory Codes
Vonnahme Elizabeth   Political Sciences Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Scandal
Williams Sha-Lai   Social Work Using CRT in Targeted Mental Health Message Development

Reviewed 2015-01-02.