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Conflict of Interest for the University of Missouri System


Conflict of interest is an important and timely issue for institutions of Higher Education. Many institutions have recently or are currently reviewing and revising their conflict of interest policies and procedures in light of changes in Federal and State laws and regulations. It is time that the University of Missouri review its existing policies and procedures.

The COI Working Group

A broad-based Conflict of Interest Working Group has been formed to undertake this endeavor. This working group includes representatives from the many areas of our institution impacted by conflict of interest policies including academic, research, business, and development. The University of Missouri, each campus, and University of Missouri Extension are represented on this group.

The working group is charged with reviewing all existing UM Policies related to conflict of interest. In addition, this group will review all existing procedures used by the campuses and Outreach & Extension to address conflict of interest. The working group will be expected to recommend changes to existing policies and procedures, if necessary, in the areas of conflict of interest, conflict of commitment, and institutional conflict of interest. The working group should identify best practices that can be used throughout the institution.


The Conflict of Interest Working Group will meet monthly beginning in August 2003. The final recommendation will be forth coming by the end of 2003. The monthly daylong meeting (10am – 3pm) will be held. The August 15th meeting will focus on an educating the Working Group on UM Conflict of Interest Policies, and pertinent Federal and State Laws and Regulations and perspectives give by two outside experts in the field. An analysis of recently revised conflict of interest policies from other Institution will be provided following this meeting. The September 11th meeting will focus on educating the working group on current conflict of interest procedures on each campus and in Extension. The October 10th meeting will focus on a structured review and analysis of our policies and procedures with identification of areas where improvement may be necessary. The November 20th meeting will focus on producing recommendation for improvements of policy and procedures and creation of a best practices document. The December 19th meeting, if necessary, will be used to complete the recommendations for improvement of policy and procedures and the best practices document.

Reviewed 2011-01-13.