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Post-Tenure Review Committee


A post-tenure review committee was established in late 1999 in order to evaluate and to make recommendations regarding the University of Missouri’s current post-tenure review system. Membership of the committee included representation from all four Universities within the University of Missouri System.

The post-tenure review committee engaged campus stakeholders in conversations regarding post-tenure review, including faculty forums and solicitation of feedback as considerations were vetted system-wide. In response to faculty comments, the post-tenure review committee created a set of recommendations, Procedures for Review of Faculty Performance, to the president for consideration by the Board of Curators. This document was designed to replace Executive Order 27.

Recommendations for Post-Tenure Review Committee

Several questions concerning the proposed faculty review procedure were asked repeatedly in the faculty forums. The new Procedures for Review of Faculty Performance was developed with the AAUP guidelines for post-tenure review in mind.

The committee worked hard to develop a document that it believes is both fair and protective of tenure and academic freedom. The committee encourages all faculty to read “Procedures for Review of Faculty Performance” and “Frequently Asked Questions.”

Reviewed 2022-07-05