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The PROGRAMS links provide listings of each campus’ degree programs and emphasis areas. The campus listings are organized in the following manner:

  • Responsible school or college,
  • Offering department,
  • Degree program name,
  • Program level (generally bachelor, first professional, master, educational specialist, and doctoral).

Included as separate levels are programs leading to graduate certificates or Professional Development Degrees. Therefore, degree programs with the same name offered at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels produce three entries; while degree programs with the same name offered at one level will produce one entry even though more than one degree is offered. (MA and MS degrees produce one entry as both are master’s programs.) Separate entries for emphasis areas of degree programs are included where applicable. In those cases in which the same degree program name is associated with more than one department, the degree program is repeated for each department. The opportunity which may be available to students to elect a degree program without electing one of the emphasis areas available for the degree program is not always explicit in this inventory. For some degree programs this opportunity is indicated by the entry in which the space for emphasis area is blank. In other cases, the word General is used to mean “degree program without specific area of emphasis.” Whether or not an entry of one of these two types appears, it is understood that students may have the option of pursuing the degree program without electing an emphasis area.

Reviewed 2012-10-16.