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Intercampus Faculty Council Agenda April 24, 2013

Intercampus Faculty Council

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
10:00 am – 2:30 pm
321 University Hall

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10:00 a.m. IFC members

Call to order
Approval of agenda
Additional Agenda Items
Meeting Minutes

10:30 a.m. Discussion with Kelley Stuck

1. Health Care Reform

11:00 a.m. Discussion with the Steve Knorr

2. University Relation Update

11:15 a.m. Discussion with Steve Graham & Chris Weisbrook

3. Faculty Governance
4. FAS Update
5. Grade Replacement Policy
6. Article Reviews

a. It’s Time for Tenure to Lose Tenure
b. Essay-Grading Software Offers Professors a Break
c. The Practical University
d. The Minerva Moment?
e. Professor's Rhetorical Question About Rape Draws Firestorm of Protest

12:15 a.m. Discussion with Bob Schwartz

7. Campus Reports

1:00 p.m. Discussion with Nikki Krawitz

8. Updates from Finance and Administration

a. Strategic Planning Update
b. FY2014 Budget

1:30 p.m. Discussion with Gary Allen, Beth Chancellor

9. Information Security Issues

Feedback requested

10. Promotion and Tenure (Patents & Commercialization)

2:30 Adjourn (if not sooner)

Reviewed May 20, 2013.