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Intercampus Faculty Council Agenda Friday, February 24, 2006

321 Conference Room – University Hall



9:30 a.m. IFC members
  • Call to order
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of minutes of IFC January 24th, 2006
IFC members discussion of Administration Review
  • Open Discussion of topic
  • Vote on Ad Hoc committee
  • Develop committee charter
  • Identify timeline for reporting
  • Committee members discuss opportunity to meet at 2:00
10:00 a.m. Discussion with Senior Vice President Lehmkuhle and Associate Vice President Graham
  • NTT faculty – report from the IFC subcommittee
  • Research misconduct – review of revisions of current collected rules to comply with new federal regulations
  • Administrative review – decision by IFC as to next steps
11:30 a.m. Discussion with Vice President Knorr
  • Update on governmental affairs issues from VP Knorr (MOHELA; various bills pending, funding for next year, etc)
12:00 p.m. LUNCH

Campus Reports to President Floyd

Discussions with President Floyd and other Vice Presidents

1:30 p.m. Continue discussions with Senior Vice President Stephen Lehmkuhle and Associate Vice President Graham
2:00 p.m.


2:00 p.m. Non-tenure track task force committee meeting

Administrative review task force committee (if formed) meeting based on availability of representatives

3:30 p.m.

Ad Hoc Committees adjourn                    

Reviewed July 16, 2010.