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Faculty Policies

Special Appointments

Curators’ Distinguished Professor/Teaching Professor Appointments

Established in March 1968 by the University of Missouri Board of Curators, these prestigious positions are bestowed only upon outstanding scholars with established reputations. Therefore, it is expected that there will be few such appointments. To see a list of active appointments, visit the Curators' Distinguished Professor/Teaching Professor Appointments database.

To learn about the selection process, funding, and conditions of the appointment, read Collected Rules and Regulations 320.70. For information on Curators' Distinguished Professorships, read Section C. For Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professorships, read Section D.

To submit a nomination to the Office of Academic Affairs

  1. Check the Board of Curators meeting dates to ensure you are able to send your university's nomination materials a minimum of six weeks ahead of the next meeting. Note: Nominations received less than six weeks ahead of the next meeting will be delayed for consideration until the following meeting.
  2. Complete the application form, along with the pieces noted in the checklist included in the form. Print the form and forward it, along with the nomination materials, to 309 University Hall, Columbia MO, 65211.
  3. Write an Executive Summary for each nomination following the executive summary instructions. Send the summary as a Word file to Academic Affairs via email. Note: Final confirmation of the appointment will come from the Office of the President.

Endowed Chairs and Name Professorships

Since 1993, the State Legislature of Missouri has provided special funding of $4 million annually to match proceeds of privately-funded endowments in support of endowed chairs and named professorships at the University of Missouri. Private contributions of $1.1 million and $550,000 are required to establish endowed chairs and named professorships, respectively.



Faculty Leave

To learn about professional leave and personal leave for faculty members, access Collected Rules and Regulations Chapter 340: Employee Absences.


Non-Tenure Track Faculty

In 2006, the University of Missouri Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) and the chief academic officers reviewed policies and procedures for non-tenure track faculty with the goal of making them more responsive to the needs of the University and this important and diverse community of scholars.


Post-Tenure Review

Faculty Workload

Access the 2014 University of Missouri Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) Statement on Faculty Workload.


Reviewed 2020-12-24