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Recommendation Committee

In order to represent the needs of each campus, a committee was assembled to draft the criteria for the RFP, review the bids, and make a vendor recommendation to the provosts.  Membership was comprised of faculty and administrators from all four campuses, across many disciplines, and also included representation from the Registrar's Office, Institutional Research, and Information Technology and Grants.

Committee Membership

Campus Name Title Unit Email
MU Nathan Boyer Associate Professor Art
MU John Dodam Department Chair Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
MU Mardy Eimers Director Institutional Research & Quality Improvement
MU Ann Riley Assistant Director for Technical Services MU Libraries
MU Greg Rotert Technical Support Agriculture Extension-Social Sciences
MU Chi-Ren Shyu Professor Computer Science
UMKC Jonathan Allen Database Programmer Data Warehouse
UMKC Andrew Draker* Manager Data Warehouse & Reporting
UMKC Jennifer Friend* Associate Professor Educational Leadership & Policy Foundation
UMKC Lora Lacey-Haun* Associate Dean Nursing-General
UMKC Cydney McQueen Clinical Associate Professor Pharmacy-General
UMKC Bonnie Postlethwaite Dean of the Libraries Libraries
UMKC Doug Swink Registrar Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
UMKC Thad Wilson Senior Associate Dean Nursing-General
UMKC Linda Garavalia Associate Dean Associate Dean, Pharmacy-General
S&T Cassie Elrod* Assistant Professor Business & Information Technology
S&T Wayne Huebner Department Chair Materials Science & Engineering
S&T William Schonberg Department Chair Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering
S&T Roger Weaver Librarian II Library & Learning Resources
UMSL Lee Slocum Assistant Professor Criminology & Criminal Justice
UMSL Terry Thiel Associate Dean Arts & Science
UMSL Beth Eckelkamp* Associate Dean Arts & Science
UMSYS Hala Dawood Database Programmer Applications & Training
UMSYS Bob Mullen Director Institutional Research & Planning
UMSYS Ryan Rapp Associate Controller Sponsored Programs
UMSYS Darla Higgins Ex Officio Procurement
UMSYS Zac March Ex Officio Academic Affairs
UMSYS Jana Moore Ex Officio Academic Affairs


*Indicates members that were unable to complete service on the committee.

Reviewed 2019-08-05